Hung Cheong Jewellery & Watch

A Historic Partnership

As a proud partner of Rolex for more than seven decades, Hung Cheong Jewellery & Watch continues its time-honoured legacy with Rolex Malaysia, a feat unsurpassed as East Malaysia’s most prominent, family-owned and operated luxury watch retailer.
Rich Heritage

Past, Present, And Future

Founded By Mr Ho Chin Thong In 1932 As Hung Cheong Watch Dealer, Hung Cheong Jewellery & Watch Has Grown To Become Sarawak’s Premier Luxury Watch Destination, Known For Its Exceptional Level Of Customer Service And Technical Know-how.

Starting Off Its Humble Beginnings At No. 40, India Street In Kuching, The Company Had Since Grown From Its First Shop-in-shop At Wisma Seberkas, Before Introducing The Very Same Concept With Rolex To Elektra House In The 1960s.soon After, Hung Cheong Jewellery & Watch Relocated To Sarawak Plaza, Later Expanding The Company’s Horizons To The Spring Shopping Centre Where It Currently Offers A Wide Assortment Of Prestigious Rolex Timepieces.

Rolex And Hung Cheong Jewellery & Watch

This monumental partnership began in 1946, with the very first Rolex shop-in-shop concept opening in Electra House in the 1960s. The store offered customers a wide assortment of Rolex prestigious timepieces, already well-known at that time for its highly reliable and high-precision wristwatches.

With years of experience under its belt, the company’s unparalleled knowledge is a testament to its skill and family-oriented values, bringing along esteemed relationships with longstanding Rolex customers spanning over three generations.

Rolex And Hung Cheong Jewellery & Watch

Hung Cheong Jewellery & Watch Today

Today, Hung Cheong Jewellery & Watch prides itself on maintaining an exceptional level of customer service standard throughout the decades. Being a family-owned business, it has also forged many esteemed relationships with long-standing Rolex customers.

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